Dispatching in USA

Phoenix Trans & Sped Ltd. offers professional dispatching services for trucks in the United States

We are glad to introduce ourselves to you! In search of new markets, we at Phoenix Trans and Sped LTD would like to offer you the opportunity to optimize your costs in this difficult economic times.

Who are we:

Phoenix Trans and Sped LTD was established more than 10 years ago originally specialized in refrigerated transport in the United States. At the moment our company is engaged in the organization and management of international transport in the EU. We partner with some of the largest transport and forwarding companies on the continent. We are confident that we can help you reduce your costs many times over if you hire us.

What we offer:

At the moment Phoenix Trans and Sped LTD has a free highly qualified human resource that can offer you the following services:

  • Searching of loads in exchanges provided by you, platforms and information arrays, according to the rules of your company.(6% of the freight value)
  • Dispatching of your own cars with your own cargo. ( price negotiable)

Our services include:

–        Optimizing the operation of the truck to achieve maximum mileage

–        Daily reports on the status of the truck: working hours, driving hours, location and estimated time of arrival

–        Checking the addressed for collection and delivery and informing the drivers

–        Checking the feasibility of the transport task – load and deadlines

–        Contacting the driver by a method of your choice

–        Checking and correcting the requirement for paid kilometers 

     We commit our staff to go through all the necessary training online in advance, so that we can meet 100% of your criteria for quality, speed and efficiency.

Why choosing Phoenix Trans and Sped LTD?

The transport industry relies on safe and efficient drivers to complete deliveries. Often referred to as the backbone of American industry, truck drivers are generally considered to be the base of the system. However, they are not the only employees responsible for its success. The dispatcher is as essential to transport as any driver. Our goal is to make the customer happy and keep the driver safe.

Phoenix Trans and Sped LTD offers long-term commitment and cooperation, therefore we agree to sign a bilateral agreement for security and tranquility on both sides. We are open to negotiate and renegotiate already existing contractual relations in order to flexible in a transparent and fair business partnership.

We look forward to hearing from you!