Диспечерски услуги в ЕС

International Dispatching

Феникс Транс Енд Спед ЕООД предлага професионални диспечерски услуги за камиони,  в ЕС

Professional dispatching services for trucks moving within the EU.

By using our services, you will have a complete overview of the operation of your truck at any time.

An individual solution for each customer, depending on your needs. Our team has the necessary experience to provide you with the best dispatching service.

Our team has the necessary experience to provide you with the best dispatching service.
All our dispatchers know English, which facilitates communication with forwarding.

Or services nculude:


- Communication with the forwarders and information transfer to the drivers


- Checking loading and delivery addresses and informing the drivers


- Checking the transport task - freight time, load size, working time

- Connection to the driver by a method you choose

- Map mileage with detailed activity overview (loading / unloading) and location

- Preparation of a monthly statement of costs and profits

- Verification and correction of the payload of freight forwarders


Income management

- Keeping a monthly balance sheet of revenue and expenditure (for the whole company if you have more vehicles)

- Preparing a free list for drivers

- Invoicing

- Assistance in paying tolls


Other services:

 - Preparation of a monthly balance sheet

- Preparation of a full annual report (one-time on a truck that will give you a detailed overview of truck revenue per year)

- Complete a full annual report (which will give you a full profit report for the entire company per year)

*Също така можем да съдействаме за работа с някои чуждестранни спедиции.

* Find additional courses in your desired destination.

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